Why You Shouldn’t Perform Mold Removal On Your Own

We know that everything can be found on the internet these days. With a bit of help from a search engine and a video tutorial, many feel equipped enough to do almost anything and everything – including mold removal. 

It seems relatively easy when you watch a video of a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) project that some dude uploaded on Youtube. You’d probably think: Well, what could go wrong?

Unfortunately, a lot of things could go wrong. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t perform mold removal on your own.

You could spread mold spores. 

Removing molds can disturb its spores. In fact, the use of the wrong cleaners can may trigger them to produce even more spores. Once these spores are airborne, you may inadvertently inhale them. From there, it can cause respiratory illnesses or trigger an allergic reaction. 

Individuals with pre-existing conditions, young children, and older adults are more susceptible to the spores’ adverse health effects.

Improper handling of chemicals is dangerous.

The use of chemicals may release toxic fumes that can affect your health, especially if you don’t know how to use them properly. Keep in mind that these are toxic chemicals. You may end up hurting yourself if they get in contact with your skin, eyes, or ingested by accident. If you are serious about going the DIY route, make sure that you wear protective clothing when using chemicals. 

This can also be dangerous if you have kids, so make sure that you store the chemicals properly and keep them out of reach. 

For your safety, it is best to seek the help of mold remediation experts who are experienced in handling toxic materials and advanced equipment. 

You might miss something.

Not only will you have wasted your time, energy, and resources, but trying to get rid of molds on your own can make things even worse. If you miss a spot, molds will be back in no time, more resilient than ever. 

Molds are not always visible. In fact, since they’re microscopic, they’re mostly invisible. They may thrive in places you may not suspect and totally miss them. Trained professionals know where to look, determine the extent of the damage, and address the problem quickly and efficiently. 

You may end up causing more damage to your home.

The use of chemicals, physical scraping, or whatever solution you decide to do may cause more damage to your home. This is especially true if you haven’t done it before. 

Permanent stains, discoloration of paints, and compromised structure are just some of the damages you can cause if you DIY. In the end, the repairs you may have to do can be more costly than if you had professionals do it the first time. 

It can exacerbate the mold problem. 

We’ve read many articles online that suggest the use of household cleaners to get rid of mold. Sure, they might be of help. Remember that the main ingredient of these cleaners is water. 

As you probably already know, water is one of the primary food sources of molds. Instead of getting rid of mold, you may end up unintentionally feeding them, which can exacerbate the mold problem. So do yourself a favor and leave it in the hands of experts. 

You won’t know if your job is a success.

Mold remediation professionals are experienced and trained to detect mold in all areas of your home, even those in not-so-visible spots. 

They will do a final walkthrough, even in odd spaces, and test your indoor air quality before providing you with a Clean Bill of Health. This is something that you can’t do on your own.

Let the experts do it right the first time.

Certified Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Professionals have over 16 years of experience ensuring that your indoor air is safe to breathe. Our mold testing and mold remediation services have already catered to a significant number of homes and offices. Our expertise, experience, and equipment will provide you the assurance that we can complete the job without putting you in harm’s way. 

As an ACAC certified CMI (Certified Microbial Investigator), we will do a thorough inspection of all the spaces on all the floors of your home. We’ll find out what type of molds you have and how it’s affecting your indoor air quality. From there, we’ll give you sound recommendations and a doable plan for remediation.

If you want a reliable team to deal with the mold problem from the get-go, do give us a call today at 303-995-7015. We’ll provide you with the mold testing and removal help that you need.

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