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If your home has been exposed to smoke, smoke particles, or soot from a fire, it is important that you get your indoor air, walls, and surfaces tested before and after remediation takes place.

Smoke is a complex mixture of toxic gasses and particles, which are generated from the vast array of materials burned during a fire. During a structure fire, tens of thousands of toxic chemicals and gasses are generated. These chemicals are released when plastics, foams, textiles, carpets, wood products (treated lumber, plywood, flooring), synthetic fabrics, wool, electronics, furniture, and other household items are incinerated by fire. 

The biggest threat to your health comes from the ultra-fine particles that are produced and carried into nearby dwellings by smoke and through the air. These microscopic particles can settle into the walls, carpet, surfaces, and even the insulation of nearby homes, causing a range of health problems, from burning eyes and a runny nose to aggravated chronic heart and lung diseases and even cancer. Simply breathing in these tiny particles can cause coronary heart disease, asthma, bronchitis, and many other respiratory illnesses.

For these reasons and others, testing your home or business after a fire is paramount.


As a fire dies down, smoke will disperse and leave behind a residue of particles called soot. Soot is made up of particles that have been left behind from what has been burned. It is typically black or gray, whereas ash is white, or light gray. Soot typically includes byproducts of materials in smoke that can be a health hazard.

Airborne soot is too small to be seen with the naked eye and can easily be inhaled. When you inhale these particles, you take in any toxic residue that has been leftover in the air. These particles travel through your respiratory system to your lungs. Along the way, particles can become caught in your nasal or sinus system, causing discomfort and may lead to potential health problems.

VOC testing caused by structure fires changes the remediation process. VOC particles leftover from a fire are innumerable and highly carcinogenic important to ensure no residue is left behind and the remediate process doe not leave behind harmful levels of chemicals.


After a fire, there may be several contaminants present on the remaining materials and in the breathable air, as well as lingering odors in your home. Dependent upon what types of materials have been burned, several types of combustion by-products may be present in the soot in your space.

Fire and smoke air quality testing are essential in the aftermath of a fire event. If your home or business has been exposed to smoke or soot from a fire, give the certified professionals at IAQ a call. We can test your walls, surfaces, and indoor air quality to make sure your dwelling is safe and habitable. 

The professionals at Certified IAQ Professionals will follow the industry standards in developing a scope of work that will assist in a remediation project for your home or business. We will provide a scope of work based upon the findings of samples and visual assessment. Besides the known risks for respiratory and other health problems, smoke, soot, and char can cause physical damage ranging from settled ash to property damage.

If you suspect your property or health may be affected by these damaging and dangerous residues caused by fire, don’t delay any longer. Let the specialists at Certified IAQ Professionals in Broomfield and surrounding areas perform careful collection sampling and combustion byproduct testing today!

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