Mold Remediation Process

Once mold testing is complete the mold remediation process will take place. The first step is to ensure that any and all visibly mold-impacted materials and surfaces will be isolated inside a negative air containment. This is to ensure that areas outside the containment will not be impacted with dust, debris, or any mold-impacted materials. It is very important to create negative pressure within the containment inside the work area so the air outside the containment stays clean.

Once containment is setup a HEPA-filtered air scrubber will be placed in occupied areas to ensure the air is being “scrubbed” during the mold remediation process. A HEPA-vacuum will be used on all surfaces before beginning removal and decontamination procedures. The HEPA filters are used to ensure the air in the home is being cleaned.

Once containment is set it is time to begin removing all affected debris. Affected debris will be bagged and sealed before removal from the contamination area. Once all affected debris has been removed, structural components will be cleaned with an abrasive scrubber and an antimicrobial solution. All structural components and building materials will be treated with an antimicrobial solution after completing the decontamination process. The final steps will be to ensure adequate drying of materials to less than 13% moisture content and conduct a post-decontamination assessment to verify complete decontamination.

The steps to mold remediation can vary based on many factors. The containment process and the decontamination process will contain many of these steps and more. If you think you or your home is at risk, contact Certified IAQ Professionals and let ACAC certified CMI (Certified Microbial Investigator) help you safely remove mold from your home. Give us call today if you think you might have mold, mold toxicity or moisture in your home or business.

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