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Lead is a natural element appearing on the periodic table, and is highly toxic to humans. When a person ingests lead, the body mistakes it for calcium and absorbs it into the bones. This is particularly dangerous for women of childbearing age because, during pregnancy, lead that is in the bones is released with calcium into the bloodstream and may poison the fetus. Because it is an element, lead does not decompose; instead, it is permanently absorbed into the body unless removed, which can be a painful and expensive process.

The Importance of Lead Testing in Commercial Properties

The unchecked presence of lead can pose a significant health threat to those exposed, potentially resulting in illness. As the owner of a commercial property, it’s your duty to safeguard the well-being of your employees and clientele, and a professional lead inspection is a vital tool to mitigate such risks.

Not only can inspections help you avoid legal complications, but they also have the potential to save lives. The lethality of lead poisoning isn’t something to be underestimated or dismissed. It’s critical not to overlook the risk of lead within your property. The harmful effects of lead poisoning extend to:

  • Delays in learning and behavioral development
  • Reduction in IQ and hindered brain development
  • Hearing complications and failure of other essential organs
  • Complications during pregnancy

That’s why we help commercial property owners, including property managers of multifamily housing, section 8 and HUD government housing with lead testing in Denver Colorado and the surrounding areas. Lead in Denver Colorado poses a serious risk and should be removed with care and by professional with the right equipment and testing materials.  Lead inspection takes specialized skills and techniques to carry out, which explains why an amateur should never do it.

Lead Testing for Denver CO Commercial Buildings

While the prospect of commercial lead inspections may not be appealing to any Denver enterprise, it’s an essential step in ensuring employee safety and satisfying city regulatory requirements. At Certifies IAQ we aim to simplify this process by offering swift and thorough commercial lead testing services.

No matter the nature of your business, be it a conventional office, cafe, or retail store, multi family homes, section 8 or HUD housing,  our expert commercial lead inspection can prove immensely beneficial. Utilizing the latest instruments and methodologies, we meticulously test your paint, water, and adjacent soil to evaluate if your premises are prone to lead contamination.

We can help Denver Colorado business owners with the following lead services: 

  • Lead Testing
  • Lead Inspection
  • Lead Paint Testing
  • Lead Wipe Testing
  • X-Ray Fluorescence Lead Testing
  • Lead Clearance Testing
  • Residential Lead Testing

Numerous structures in Denver, particularly expensive commercial or industrial buildings, face a significant risk of lead contamination. Once Certified IAQ carries out lead testing, you’ll gain insights into the potential risks your building might present. We employ highly precise testing methodologies to ensure that no potential hazard in your Denver industrial building goes unnoticed by our professionals. If you’re considering any renovation work for your company, it’s imperative to test the area to guarantee safety from lead pollutants.

Certified Indoor Air Quality Professionals Can Help

Our team provides lead testing in Denver CO and the surrounding areas; we are experts at finding and reporting lead-based paint hazards, to keep you and your occupants safe.

We can quickly and confidently identify any potential lead source and advise on the best course of action to resolve the problem. From first contact, commercial property owners or managers have the full power of our expert team on hand for advice, assistance, and in-depth, accredited lab testing for peace of mind and certainty that any lead is located and assessed.

Thorough and Reliable Commercial Lead Inspections in Denver Colorado and surrounding areas. 

If you are searching for commercial lead inspections near me in Denver Colorado, then you are in the right place. The team at Certified IAQ Professionals is professional, efficient, and extensively trained to ensure your commercial property meets all regulatory needs and is safe for your workers and tenants.

Once you choose our team to perform a lead inspection, we guarantee to leave no stone unturned when it comes to determining your lead risks.

Contact us now to speak with an expert in lead testing, and arrange a commercial inspection as soon as possible to keep your property safe and compliant.

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