Allergen Testing

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Do you have allergy symptoms that never go away? Are you getting ready to buy a new home with little info on the history of the home? Certified IAQ has the capability to allergen test any home or office for dust mites, cockroaches, cat or dog dander, and more.

Allergens in your home or office can wreak havoc on your immune system and interfere with your loved one’s quality of life. If you think you are being exposed to allergens in your home, office, or any dwelling you spend your time in, give us a call. We’ll come out and test for the cause of your discomfort.

Indoor allergens can occur from a variety of chemicals, products, even pets. It can aggravate, irritate, and in some cases cause serious harm to you and your loved ones. Whatever the cause, and wherever it comes from, being able to identify indoor allergens can help you and your loved ones breathe easier. It may also reduce your risk of serious long-term health problems.

Remember to request a free consultation to see if allergen testing is the right fit for your situation! Our allergen testing experts will come out to your space and see what might be triggering any sensitivities and get them cleared out.

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